The BCNA holds a formal membership drive every April prior to the association’s annual meeting. However, new members can join at any time during the year. Members submitting their membership dues January and April will remain active members through April the following year.

There are two types of memberships: Active Members & Associate Members. Active Memberships are available to any homeowner or resident, 18 years old or older, within BCNA boundaries. This membership includes voting privileges in association meetings.

Associate Memberships are available to any individual, association, or estate having an interest in, and ethical support of, the mission and goals of the BCNA. This membership does not retain voting rights.

Membership fees are $10 per individual or $20 for a household. Your membership and participation are essential to the success of our Neighborhood Association. If you would like to join, please download our current BCNA membership application and return it with your dues to our Treasurer at the address listed on the form.

Benefits of Membership

  • Regular issues of the BCNA’s newsletter “Neighborhood News.”
    Newsletters are delivered through regular mail or through email to save
    on costs if an email address is provided on the membership form (preferred option).
  • Email updates on crime or safety issues, upcoming events and meetings, special events, and late breaking news in between newsletters.
  • Voting rights for Active Members.
  • Open participation on any association committee or sub-committee.
  • Warm feelings from knowing that you are helping to preserve the best qualities of our historic neighborhood.
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