The neighborhood association currently has six standing committees. Please contact the committee contacts below to find out more about current activities:

    • Land Use – This committee helps maintain the integrity of our neighborhood by vigorously defending existing zoning as low density residential. We can only maintain the quality of our neighborhood with the help and support of all our neighbors. If you have any concerns relating to land use or if you would like to serve on our committee, please contact Ralph Call (
    • Traffic – This committee works to keep our neighborhood streets safe by reducing traffic speeds and traffic volumes and by promoting pedestrian and bicycle safety. This requires common understandings between neighbors, regular traffic observations, and frequent coordination with the City of Yakima. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding traffic in our neighborhood, or if you would like to serve on our committee, please contact Eric Hohman (
    • Historic Preservation – Dedicated to seeking recognition of the Barge-Chestnut Neighborhood Association as an important community resource for the City of Yakima, this committee is currently working on a multi-phase project to have our neighborhood declared a historic neighborhood district. When this seven-phase process is completed, the Barge-Chestnut Neighborhood will be the largest intact historic neighborhood on the west coast. If you want to join the committee or assist with the committee’s project(many volunteers are needed) please contact Paul Nagle-McNaughton (
    • Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital Liaison – This group provides a forum for discussing issues related to the activities of Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital which is located within the BCNA neighborhood and provides crucial health services to our community. Members of this committee worked with hospital staff in the development of the Campus Master Plan to minimize the impacts Hospital operations have on our quality of life, the safety of our neighborhood safety, and traffic on local streets. The committee continues to coordinate with hospital staff to distribute information and to offer suggestions as needed to preserve the important characteristics of our historic neighborhood. Please contact Walt Ranta (

Recorded Development Agreement * Hearing Examiner’s Findings

Full Buildout Campus Plan * YVMMH Campus Master Plan Website

    • Safety & Crime – The Safety Committee works to foster safety and livability in our neighborhood through the promotion of neighborhood Block Watches, by preparing and sharing life safety & property conservation tips and reminders, and by working with other BCNA committees and local organizations. If you have any concerns regarding safety issues in our neighborhood, or if you would like to serve on our committee, please contact Venetia Hancock ( See also the FAQ on strategies for reducing crime in your area and what to do when something does happen.
    • Communication – The Communication Committee is responsible for keeping BCNA

      members up to date on Association activities, events, safety issues, and news. The committee produces the association’s newsletter “Neighborhood News” and distributes it electronically and by mail. BCNA members with e-mail addresses also receive regular updates through email communication. The committee also conducts the BCNA’s annual Membership Drive and assists with organizing the BCNA’s Annual Meeting. The committee also sponsors and promotes neighborhood special events (National Night Out, neighborhood yard sale, spring clean-up/green-up, etc.). If you are interested in assisting with these activities or joining the committee, please contact Paul Nagle-McNaughton ( We also have a Facebook page:

Don’t see the topic that brought you here? Please contact the BCNA board if you want to help create a new committee to tackle an issue important to you!

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